"be intentional"


At Open Door, we believe spiritual growth starts in the home.  While it's not the church's job to lead your family or raise your children, it IS our job to aid you in that work.  That's why we want to partner with and assist you as you pursue a Christ-centered relationship with your spouse and children.


The goals of "Homelife" are to build happy, God-honoring marriages, teach our children about and lead them to Jesus Christ, and launch them into adult life as committed believers. 

"So, what exactly IS Homelife?"

  Homelife is a resource-based family ministry at Open Door that provides numerous materials and resources to you throughout the year free of charge.   No matter what season you are at in life, from being single and pursuing a spouse to wanting to be a Godly influence for your grandchildren, Homelife has something for you. 


We offer pamphlets for over 30 life seasons, and recommended books that correspond with each pamphlet, audio podcasts from marriage and family experts, fun activities and date-night ideas for your children and spouse, resource kits for your children at integral stages of their lives, and much more.

Below are some examples of what Homelife offers you and your family.  We hope you enoy them.  And we hope you'll stop by our Homelife Center at Open Door for more resources that will aid you in creating a culture of intentionality in your home.

"Be Intentional"

"It starts in the Home!"

Season Pointers

Season Pointers are pamphlets that cover a variety of topics, each one discussing a different season of life.  Each Pointer also recommends books about each topic, allowing you to dig deeper.  Below are a few examples.  More are available at our Homelife Center.

"One Step at a Time"

Faith Path is designed to assist parents in developing their children's spiritual lives from birth to adulthood.  There are 13 steps, each with a helpful kit full of resources given to parents at integral birthdays in your child's life.   Visit our Homelife Center at Open Door for more information! 


For the Family

Family podcasts are available on CD at our Homelife Center.  Each podcast is about marriage or parenting.  Below are three family podcasts.  We hope you enjoy.  

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards are date-night and activity ideas for your spouse and children.  Below are three examples of recipe cards available at our Homelife Center.

"Love and Respect"

"Family Nights"

"Hand-Me Downs"