One of the most powerful and penetrating experiences found in church services today is the dynamic of numerous voices lifted in passionate worship. It is pleasing to God, fulfilling to the worshiper, and compelling to the seeker.

At Open Door, we are not necessarily looking for great voices, but for great worshipers. We all have one thing in common…a love for Jesus and a desire to worship and praise Him to the best of our abilities.

Choir Rehearsal

The choir rehearses every Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Worship Center. Child care is provided. Do you want to see what we're all about and get a taste of the ODBC Choir behind the scenes? Visit a Choir Rehearsal! We are excited to welcome guests each week in rehearsals! We welcome singers in all voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). If you are a junior in high school and above, we invite you to join this family of worshipers. We worship, work, laugh, cry, and grow together week by week. There are no auditions, and no one is ever turned away. We have room for you. Come and worship with us.

Sunday Worship

The choir sings each Sunday during the 10:00am worship service. We meet for warm-up at 8:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary prior to each Sunday morning worship service.

For more information about the Adult Worship Choir, please contact Diana Taylor.

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